Brick Sealants

Brick sealants are often used to prevent rain penetration through porous brick walls. They are typically applied by brush or spray and work by forming an impermeable film on the surface of the brick wall.

Although this can be effective in preventing rain water penetration, brick sealants have one major drawback – they do not allow the brick wall to breathe. Because of this, brick sealants can prevent moisture that is already in the wall from evaporating. This can lead to an accumulation of water behind the brick sealant film, which can cause flaking or "bubbling" of the film. Moisture caused by the occupants of the building (due to breathing, cooking etc...) will not be able to evaporate through the walls, leading to potential condensation problems.

For this reason breathable brick "sealants" have been developed based on silane and siloxane chemistry.

Breathable Alternative to Brick Sealants

Silane/siloxane based water repellents have been used for many years as an alternative to standard brick sealants. Because they work by lining the pores of the brickwork rather than blocking them, they allow the treated wall to continue to breathe.

Recently this technology has been developed further still with the advent of Stormdry Masonry Protection Cream. The Stormdry cream is simply applied to brickwork by brush, roller, or airless spray. The Stormdry then penetrates deeply in to the brickwork before curing to form a colourless, breathable, water repellent barrier.

Stormdry Cream applied by a standard roller
Stormdry Cream soaking into masonry
Stormdry leaves no residue
Stormdry Masonry Protection causing beading

Stormdry benefits from a number of key advantages over standard brick sealants:

Benefits of using Stormdry over conventional brick sealants:

  • Breathable
  • Deeply penetrating cream
  • Colourless
  • Long life expectancy (20 – 30 years)
  • Single coat application (saves time)
  • UV resistant
  • Alkali resistant
Stormdry cream penetration

Because Stormdry penetrates into the brick and lines the pores to achieve its water repellent effect, it will not produce the "shiny" surface that is often associated with the application of a brick sealant. Instead the brick wall will retain its natural appearance.

By penetrating deeply into the brick wall rather than remaining on the surface (as would occur with a standard brick sealant), Stormdry is able to bridge small cracks in the bricks and mortar – providing a more effective treatment.

Further information:

Further information about Stormdry can be found by visiting or by viewing the video below:

Other benefits

Stormdry is most commonly used as a breathable alternative to brick sealants to protect against penetrating damp. However it also has applications in:

  • Reducing heat loss through brick walls – particularly single-skin brick walls
  • Maintaining the thermal properties of cavity wall insulation
  • Improving the flood resistance of masonry

Details of these applications can be found at

Stormdry, the deeply penetrating, breathable alternative to brick sealants.

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